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What is The Royal Treatment?


I believe that a person's reputation and quality of service is only as good as their name.

My name is ROYAL.


The Royal Treatment is my commitment to you as a client and to your project. 

Here is my affirmation:


    1-  I will give you my absolute best effort.

I don’t give different levels of effort and attention to different clients. Your project is as important to me as any other project I have.

    2-  I will quote you a fair price based on what I charge my other clients.

I don’t quote different rates for different clients. And, I attempt to keep my rates within the average of what other voice talents charge for similar service.

    3 -  I will deliver your project on time

I know that you have time constraints and are depending on me to get your voice over project to when you need it.


    4 -  I will make sure your voice over project is technically and audibly the best I can make it.

I have invested a great deal in my studio, and continue to do so to maintain outstanding quality work.


    5-   I want your business.

I want to work for you again and again.  My goal is to be your TOP resource for voice overs.  

Thank you for the privilege of working on your voice over project. I realize I am accountable to you, and I am grateful for your trust.

Please feel free to complete the Information Form to discuss the details of your project.

Royal Jaye Joiner


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